Exploring The Art

At ARQ6, we believe that it is best to capture that idea or image fast when you get the inspiration because they can be momentary and may not hang around in your memory for a long time. We have a very unique, joyful, realistic, and dramatic visualization style. We see ourselves as part of nature. At ARQ6, our goal is to create an organic and naturalistic style that resonates with our understanding of the world. Every market has its own peculiarity, rain, wind, snow and clouds are more normal to northern Europeans than blue sky and sun, so we adjust in every market, study the location and aspect of it before we even do any sketches.


The studio is more than a place to work

The studio, whether a room or a computer is the powerhouse of an artist, it is a place where ideas and imaginations are brought to life, and a spot to meditate and experiment the results. The studio is your locus as an artist.